“Go on Move” is an iconic song by Reel 2 Real

Released in 1994, this track swiftly became a huge hit in the worldwide dance scene.

The pulsating beats, infectious rhythm, and catchy lyrics make it the perfect anthem for any party or club environment. With its energetic and uplifting vibe, “Go on Move” has captivated listeners for decades, effortlessly inviting them to let loose and dance the night away.

This song showcases Reel 2 Real’s ability to create music that seamlessly blends various genres, incorporating elements of house, techno, and reggae. It serves as a testament to their impressive versatility and innovative approach to music production.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Reel 2 Real’s music, “Go on Move” is sure to get your body moving and leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric. Personally, I find “Go on Move” to be a timeless masterpiece that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of electronic dance music from the 90s.

The vibrant energy it exudes is irresistibly contagious, making it impossible not to get caught up in the rhythm. The skillful layering of different musical elements creates a dynamic and immersive listening experience.

Erick Morillo’s talent as a DJ and producer shines through in this track, as he effortlessly blends different sounds and genres into a cohesive and captivating composition. “Go on Move” is undeniably a standout in Reel 2 Real’s discography, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who gives it a listen.