“Conway” is a song released by Reel 2 Real, an American electronic music project fronted by Erick Morillo

The track was featured on their debut album “Move It!” which came out in 1994.

“Conway” showcases the energetic and vibrant style that Reel 2 Real was known for, blending elements of house, dance, and reggae to create an infectious and upbeat track.

The song incorporates catchy hooks, funky basslines, and lively rhythms, combined with the smooth vocal delivery by The Mad Stuntman, creating a party atmosphere that is impossible to resist.

With its groove-inducing beats and playful lyrics, “Conway” became a popular club anthem during its release and continues to be enjoyed by electronic music fans today.

This song is a testament to Reel 2 Real’s ability to create timeless and enjoyable music that brings people together on the dance floor.